God Secrets: A Life Filled with Words of Knowledge

God Secrets: A Life Filled with Words of Knowledge

God Secrets: A Life Filled with Words of Knowledge
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I wrote this book because I strongly believe that YOU CAN GROW IN WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE! Paul encourages believers in 1 Corinthians 14:1 to follow after love and to eagerly desire the gifts especially prophecy. He would never tell us to pursue something or give us hope for gifts in the church if we couldn't engage them! Words of knowledge are one aspect of the prophetic gifts that we can develop just like any other spiritual gift. Through this book I want to give you faith, model, and scripture for your own prophetic journey so that you will go after this amazing experiential gift that makes the world feel so known and loved by our Father who is in heaven. Words of knowledge have been one of the least pursued aspects of the revelatory gifts and yet they are one of the most powerful that the church can practice. It helps define an 'Ah ha' moment that God is real and is here and loves you. It creates space for people to be in awe and even shocked by who God is and how intimately he loves them and all of humanity. Words of knowledge sound so simple but bring with them a full encounter to the God of all the universe and cause the ever present God to manifest to the person who receives the word in the moment. People feel like the God of all the universe cares specifically about the intimate details of their lives and inner heart. I believe we need to restore this gift to its right place in our hearts and set it as one of the goals in how we pursue prophecy. Christians who begin to hear God's mind and heart about current events, past experiences, and all things In-between are going to be one of the most valuable resources to council the world at large in the days to come. Jesus gained whole audiences of influence by simple words of knowledge and prophetic wisdom. Like the story about Zachius who was a hated tax collector. Zachius was a short man and got up into a tree to just try and see Jesus. He was hoping to get his attention but knew he would probably be passed by. But Jesus saw him there and called to him by name by a word of knowledge and said 'Zachius come down and prepare your house for a visit from me!' Zachius was shocked, thrilled, scared, and very serious in that moment. Some of the people in the crowd who were religious said 'Don't go and be with that crook, that unworthy man! If you knew him you would never set foot in his house.' Zachius defended himself not wanting to miss the opportunity but Jesus validated him and said 'I am coming don't worry.' Because Jesus wasn't looking at the natural, he was sharing the affections and love and vision of the Father in heaven for this little man. It modeled to hundreds around who also felt unworthy of connection to God that Jesus loved even people that no one felt was worthy. How many of us miss golden opportunities of love because we don't see people with eyes of revelation? If we are limited to what we see, know, or discern, we will miss all of the best opportunities in life.Words of knowledge impose the thoughts of God on a culture. They validate unlikely people in God's love that sometimes others have not seen in that light.

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