Drums & Percussion

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 WUHAN Cymbals Traditional Bag Set - 8" 10" 12" 16" 18" 20" 14" HH
These cymbals are handmade entirely from B20 bronze; cast, hammered, lathed and buffed to a brilliant finish. The B20 bronze is considered to be the premium alloy of all cymbal making. The cymbals have superior tonal qualities and sound characteristics. This is the same bronze Sabian, Paiste and ..
Vic Firth Kidsticks
If You want to see more details on this product, click on the link below: Product DetailsThese drum sticks are engineered to make playing easy for the very young drum set player from ages 3 to 8. They produce a quality sound, and are designed to be as much fun to play with as to look at! Available i..