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 Window Switch Kit Set of window switches for all four doors - ECS Tuning
Because of the location of the power window switches in most vehicles, they can be extremely vulnerable to damage. Opening your door to get out in heavy rains or a window left down at an inconvenient time can water log these delicate switches and ruin internal electronics. Replace yours to restor..
2x Carbon Fiber DSG Steering Wheel Paddle Extension Shifter Switch Shift for VW Golf GTI R Scirocco R20 R36 CC
If You want to see more details on this product, click on the link below: Product DetailsSpecifications: • Condition: 100% Brand New • Package includes: 2x left and right DSG paddle extension Shifters + Free Gift • Size: 5*1.59 inch (12*4 cm) • Color: Carbon fiber • Materi..